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Since 2010, LEGEND UPVC Windows and Doors in Dunedin has been trusted by Kiwis across the South Island and Wellington region to enhance their homes with our top-quality, warm, quiet, and secure doors and windows. Explore our wide selection of products and experience the difference.



More Secure.

Outside of large house with beautiful windows and doors
Inside of house with floor to cieling windows
Outside of large house with beautiful windows and doors
Outside of large house with beautiful windows and doors
Outside of large house with beautiful windows and doors
Outside of large house with beautiful windows and doors
Beautiful kitchen windows with a view
Outside of large house with beautiful windows and doors

A Superb Range of PVC Windows and Doors



With options to suit every home, our range of windows are double glazed, energy efficient, and designed to complement your home. With tilt and turn, awning, casement, French or sliding designs, we can offer the right solution to suit your style and requirements while ensuring the highest standard of thermal and acoustic efficiency.

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Floor to ceiling windows


Create the perfect entrance to your home while keeping it warm, quiet, secure, and climate-resistant. With options to open in or out, available in various design styles and colors, offering electronic-locking options, and featuring our signature multi-chamber system, let us help you create a future-proof entrance to your home.

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Entrance Door

Our Simple 6-Step Process.

Our easy 6-step process for getting new UPVC windows and doors ensures a stress-free experience for our customers. From initial consultation to installation and beyond, our team will guide you through every step, providing expert advice and exceptional service along the way.

1Let’s chat.

One of our expert team will meet with you to discuss the best options to suit your space and your budget. Understanding your home, design style, and budget ensures we can recommend the best solution for you.


Our in-house creative team will develop a bespoke design based on your requirements. With the opportunity to proof the design and provide feedback ensuring everything meets your specifications.


Now is the time to bring your new windows or doors to life. The experienced team at our Dunedin-based factory will take the designs and turn them into reality. With precision craftsmanship and the best equipment, you can be sure our manufacturing is to the highest standard.


Your beautiful new windows or doors are ready; now it is time for installation. We know superior products also have to be installed perfectly. This is why you can trust us to get it right every time.


It's time to soak up your warmer, drier, quieter and more secure home thanks to your new windows and doors. Enjoy a home free from condensation, dampness and inconsistent temperatures and experience true comfort.


Our team will check-in to ensure that your new windows and doors meet your expectations and are functioning properly. If any adjustments are needed, we're happy to provide free-adjustment services to make sure your new windows and doors are perfect.

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The UPVC Difference

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Weather Resistance

Weathering is a common problem amongst most materials used on the exterior of a property. LEGEND UPVC Windows and Doors do not react with water and air and are not susceptible to the natural elements, meaning a longer life span without ageing. All Deceuninck windows and Doors are certified to NZS 4211:2008


The security of a property or home is paramount to any window or door installation. UPVC exceeds expectations with an ultra-light yet sturdy frame, used in conjunction with various locking combination and a double glazed pane of glass provide a high level of security. The inside of uPVC door and window frames is reinforced. LEGEND UPVC Windows and Doors are fitted with multiple locking mechanisms, which not only contribute to improved thermal insulation, in order for an intruder to enter through your windows or doors they would have to break at least 2 – 3 locks to gain entry. UPVC frames and locking mechanisms offer superior security to more traditional window and door options. Although the seals used for uPVC window installation is not there for security, but for thermal efficiency, it provides that additional barrier to entry that traditional materials such as timber or aluminium can’t. The most secure window you could choose for your home is the tilt and turn window. The hardware is installed around the entire operable sash, when you turn the handle all of the locks are activated at the same time. This makes it easy to open and operate the window, whilst at the same time making the window one of the hardest to penetrate from the outside. The most secure door you could choose for your home is a hinged door, when you pull the handle up it activates extra locking points. It is these extra locking points to provide the additional security features.

Low Maintenance

UPVC is a low maintenance material, unlike natural materials which require annual sanding, varnishing and repainting. Windows & doors made from UPVC can last for decades without any sign of weathering, the only upkeep is a wipe down clean with soapy water to prevent staining and remove grime or dirt.


UPVC is incredibly tough meaning the frames can cope against the most extreme elements and are not affected by rot and corrosion which is especially advantageous for properties located near the seaside where high salt content can be problematic. The UPVC coating is also protected against ultraviolet (UV) rays which prevent the material from fading or going brittle in prolonged sun exposure. With New Zealand’s high levels of UV it is recommended that UPVC profile has a minimum 8/100 of Titanium Dioxide (an effective sunscreen), Deceuninck profiles carries the equivalent of 11.5 which equates to 35% above standard.

Accoustic Insulation

UPVC material works in combination with the double glazed window panels to help decrease the amount of noise that can pass into your home. Most LEGEND UPVC Windows and Doors should reduce external noise by up 50% compared traditional counterparts.

Fire Retardant

Naturally flame retardant for life, our materials will not cause or support the development of accidental fires. In Europe UPVC is a material required by the building regulations to adhere to the fire safety protocol, meaning the material will keep the primary route open for 30 mins in the event of a fire incident.


The average life span of UPVC windows can range up to 80 years and are made from mostly recyclable materials to sustain minimal long-term impact on the environment. When replacing old windows and doors your installer will be dispose of all materials accordingly to ensure they are recycled, and/or re-used.

Thermal Insulation

Energy efficiency is at the front of everyone mind when it comes to new windows and doors and the choice of materials used will impact the warmth and window energy rating of your home. UPVC is a low conductor of heat meaning when fitted correctly it will form a closed air system minimising the heat loss, experienced by non-insulating materials


UPVC windows can come in various window style configurations providing an efficient ventilation system with effective airflow into a room. An effective window configuration is called 'tilt and turn' which consists of a two-window arrangement which can open in two separate directions providing draft-free ventilation. When in the tilted position inwards, hot air can escape through the top and side openings while turning the window to open fully can quickly ventilate the atmosphere of an entire room useful for cleaning or refreshing.


Homeowners are no longer limited to not only colour but a series of customisable shapes, styles and imitation effects such as wood grain. Our manufacturing plant can tailor UPVC products to your desired specifications; meaning windows and doors will outfit perfectly into your home or property.

Discover why our products are right for your next project.

If you are a builder or an architect or want to know more about why our windows are the superior choice for your next project, discover our great range of documents and resources. These include technical drawings, fire tests, colour swatches, sound tests, and more.

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